SCARED? - A Paranormal Podcast

SCARED? - A Paranormal Podcast

SCARED? - Real People Tell Their True Ghost, UFO and Paranormal Stories


S03E12 & S03E13 - Preview - Bigfoot - Sasquatch - Rolling Hills Asylum
4 Stunden 4 Minuten
Season Three Episode 12 is now out - Dr John continues his amazing lecture on Bigfoot... And Season Three Episode 13, we're off to, what's said to be America's most haunted location - the Rolling Hills Asylum .... These episodes are ONLY available to...
S03E11 - Sasquatch Special (Part Two)
21 Stunden 9 Minuten
Dr John continues his lecture on Bigfoot. Part Three will go to Patreon ONLY..... support his podcast on PATREON and keep us going!
S03E10 - Sasquatch Special (Part One)
18 Stunden 16 Minuten
This is part one of a three part Sasquatch Special.  Hear some amazing Bigfoot evidence from the scientist who was the world's leading expert of the subject. Part Two is available now to our Fan Club members, via our PATREON CAMPAIGN. Thanks for list...
S03E09 - Real Ghost Stories 1
23 Stunden 13 Minuten
I love telling you real ghost stories and here's a few of my favourers. Join the SCARED? podcast Fan Club and keep this podcast going - get some excellent rewards too! All at Thanks for listening and please consider leav...
Haunted Fridge Magnets - Update
8 Stunden 55 Minuten
HANDMADE SCARED? FRIDGE MAGNETS ***INTRODUCTION*** These beautiful fridge magnets are handmade for you, by me and my son, to raise money for a new puppy. On high glossy magnetic paper... and printed here at home... just for you. Choose a personalised...

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Guests share their true ghost stories and paranormal experiences. Plus, the latest worldwide paranormal news. Hosted by 'Coast to Coast' invited guest, Philip Holmes. Get the part 2's of episodes and bonus episodes by joining us at

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