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  • tfttf121 - Secrets of my Camera Bag

    Audio Ever wondered what I carry around with me when I go to take pictures? Let me unpack my entire camera bag for you and ...
    Datum:11.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf122 - London Get-Together 2

    Audio Almost live and directly from London: the second London Get-Together. Join in and find out why this community is suc ...
    Datum:12.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf123 - Best Of 1 to 60

    Audio Listen in as Jeffrey H. Simonson presents the best bits of tips from the top floor shows 1 to 60. “Still Smiling ...
    Datum:17.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf124 - Best of 61 to 100

    Audio Listen in as Jeffrey H. Simonson presents the best bits of tips from the top floor shows 61 to 100. “Surface Te ...
    Datum:23.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf124b - PodTeaForCancer!

    Audio This is a promo for PodTea For Cancer - make sure to check out their web site and participate in the Skypecast or at ...
    Datum:25.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf125 - Pixie Tips

    Audio Today the Tips From The Top Floor Pixies take over the show and share some tips and tricks. “So many tracks” ...
    Datum:26.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf126 - Design Principles: Line

    Audio Today we’ll learn more about the principles of design. Also on today’s show: the winner of the Digital Photograp ...
    Datum:29.05.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf127 - Scanner Photography

    Audio Let’s find out what we can do with a good old flat bed scanner and some 3D objects. “Scanner Orchid” by Mi ...
    Datum:01.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf128 - Switching Cameras

    Audio You just purchased that new shiny DSLR and now you’re not sure how to get started to get the most out of your new ...
    Datum:08.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf129 - Going Full Frame

    Audio Oh my… geeky show today, PLEASE don’t unsubscribe, I’ll be back to non-techie mode soon “Vignette All ...
    Datum:09.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf130 - Improve Your Composition

    Audio It’s time again for an exercise to help you improve your image composition. Today’s show also comes with a new a ...
    Datum:14.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf131 - Summer Contrasts

    Audio Summer, sunshine, extreme contrasts.. and our digital cameras having a really hard time to cope with this enormous d ...
    Datum:16.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf132 - PSC17 - Sharpening Noisy Images

    Audio Ever tried to sharpen a noisy image and found that the sharpening simply made the noise worse? Find out on today’s ...
    Datum:20.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf133 - Panorama Party

    Audio Ready for some super wide panorama action? Get more out of your panoramic pictures and find out on today’s show wh ...
    Datum:22.06.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf134 - Rudimentary Relationships

    Audio Today we will look at an IKEA kitchen, we’ll kick off the 2006 Podcastawards and you could learn something about r ...
    Datum:29.06.2006 Wertung:
  • Datum:01.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf135b - I Got Burgled!

    Audio Tips from the Top Floor News update!! It seems I misspelled “bulletin”. Guess that’s what happens when I ge ...
    Datum:02.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf136 - Burglary Update

    Audio Big thanks to all who have already started donating! Listen in to today’s show to get an update on the burglary! ...
    Datum:04.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf137 - Rembrandt and the Camera Obscura

    Audio Listen to today’s show to find out why YOU are the best listeners in the world (Nah! In the UNIVERSE!!) - also on ...
    Datum:06.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf137b - Another Update

    Audio A quick one right from the middle of a night shift. I’ve been interviewed by The Digital Photography Show. And the ...
    Datum:11.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf137c - It?s A Conspiracy!

    Audio Oh well.. if it rains, it pours! My fax machine broke without me knowing about it. If you have signed up for the Sep ...
    Datum:12.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf138 - Kindergarten Sound-Seeing

    Audio AAAAARGH! I messed up the PodcastAwards Nomination instructions.. please listen to find out more! Also on today’s ...
    Datum:13.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf139 - The Museum Of Temporary Art

    Audio Learn about a light box, find out a few things about Kodak, and listen to an interivew with the owner of the Museum ...
    Datum:14.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf140 - Design Principles: Texture

    Audio Hot News! John Arnold of PhotoWalkthrough will be co-host on the September Workshop. Yey!! Also on today’s show: ...
    Datum:19.07.2006 Wertung:
  • tfttf141 - Wine? Vine? Vinegar? Vignette!

    Audio All about the Vignette, Juice problems getting some more attention, and workshop news. Research assistance: Rebecca ...
    Datum:21.07.2006 Wertung:

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