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  • The new format "STUDIOTALK offers to the listeners of IMC some exclusive themes and talks about the world of Indian Classical Music ! - STUDIOTALK gives Indian music maestros, music scientists, event organisations and others the chance to present themselfs in a dialogue directly to the European / International audience.

    STUDIOTALK isn’t an interview form of 5 to 10 minutes small talk about concert tours, new editorials, CD or DVD projects etc. ... Much more by a detailled planning and research work IMC OnAir delivers with STUDIOTALK a frame for specific themes and aspects to contribute an approach and deep going insight for Indian Classical Music especially for the Europeans.

    Herewith the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic expands it’s broadcasting fomat to an international platform (English/German language) following a short period time of 3 months test phase, beside the regular monthly broadcasting show “Raga CDs of the months”.

    “STUDIOTALK No. 1” is being presented under the headline "Music follows Behaviour!" and available worldwide from now on as a 58 minutes show as podcast in English language.

    For “STUDIOTALK No. 1” the Indian music maestro Shri Sugato Bhaduri, mandolin player from Kolkatta, was guest in the Hamburg Studio of IMC – India meets Classic during his European Concert Tour 2006. S. Bhaduri belongs to the coming up music talents of India and younger interpreters of Indian Classical Music.

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