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  • Garmisch – blocSonic Netlabel

    Audio Garmisch is a band from Malmö, Sweden. They’ve been together for about six years now. They’ve previously releas ...
    Datum:01.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Flv Mode – Stato Elettrico

    Audio Flv Mode are Veronica and Flavio, two DJ’s and electronic music producers respectively from Naples, London and Rom ...
    Datum:05.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Mihai Popoviciu – arhiva7 Netlabel

    Audio Mihai Popoviciu is considered one of the best electronic music producer in Romania and the Eastern Europe. Born in 1 ...
    Datum:15.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Nicolas Eller – Supafeed

    Audio Nicolas Eller aka Kasi The Robot was born 17th of April 1984 in Germany. Always he has been very interested in music ...
    Datum:19.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Shemale – Punchi Discos

    Audio Shemale from Argentine do no longer exist on the web, but their minimal pop electro sound still sits on ...
    Datum:23.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Volfoniq – LibreCommLair

    Audio Founded in 2004, Volfoniq is a “one-man-dub” from the south of France. In a retro-futuristic mood, he uses his ...
    Datum:26.11.2011 Wertung:
  • The Taxpayers – Quote Unquote Records

    Audio The Taxpayers started in the basement of The Slime House in St John’s, where Rob was living at the time. The Slime ...
    Datum:27.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Hoodie Woody Freaky – Acustronica

    Audio Hoodie Woody Freaky are an indie band From Malang, Indonesia. They play acoustic pop, using and exploring the means ...
    Datum:01.12.2011 Wertung:
  • Gazella – Brennnessel

    Audio Gazella ( Tomasz Jamroz) is an electronic music producer. He’s been creating music for several years now. In the p ...
    Datum:13.12.2011 Wertung:
  • Mantik and BitShift – Digital Diamonds

    Audio Once again Digital Diamonds heads Alic succeeded in uniting netlabel scene’s most important and progressive psyche ...
    Datum:18.12.2011 Wertung:
  • Sebastian Love – Starquake Records

    Audio Julie Star EP is a gift, a gift for a special person, one of those you would never leave and forget, that stole your ...
    Datum:26.12.2011 Wertung:
  • Be Brave Benjamin – Error! Lo-Fi Recordings

    Audio Be Brave Benjamin makes compact indie-pop songs with childlike instrumentation and lowest of lo-fi production (read: ...
    Datum:30.12.2011 Wertung:
  • Pajaro – Budabeats Netlabel

    Audio The 20th Budabeats release will bring you back to the smokey late sixties with a collection of lo-fi tracks of bands ...
    Datum:03.01.2012 Wertung:
  • – WM Recordings

    Audio is M. Adam, family guy, musician and teacher. Today is Sunday is his first official release as ...
    Datum:07.01.2012 Wertung:
  • Mario Feito Fedusa Trio – 001 Records Netlabel

    Audio This is a selection of recordings made in 2010. Compiled and produced by Iñigo Diaz B. ”Replica” is the title ...
    Datum:20.01.2012 Wertung:
  • ACL – Faturenet Recordings

    Audio From Poland to UK through Uruguay and the Netherlands, with fiddles, accordion, and acoustic guitar on hand, Sebasti ...
    Datum:24.01.2012 Wertung:
  • Stealther – Stato Elettrico

    Audio Stealther is a Dj and producer from Rome. He collaborates with the labels Truckstop76th, for which he made ​​sev ...
    Datum:28.01.2012 Wertung:
  • DISCOFORGIA – Starquake Records

    Audio Coming up from the underground, dusting himself off, standing in a gloomy worrying light, here comes “Evade The Gr ...
    Datum:01.02.2012 Wertung:
  • Lata – LibreCommeLair Netlabel

    Audio Lata is the dub and electrolatino project from chilean Andrew Collyer, under which he has released music on labels ...
    Datum:05.02.2012 Wertung:
  • Sasha Raskin – diym Netlabel

    Audio Electroacoustic. That’s the word that best describes Jerusalem-based Sasha Raskin‘s sound, a seamless blend of ...
    Datum:09.02.2012 Wertung:
  • The Crossfaders – Starquake Records

    Audio One year has passed since Starquake Records entered the scene. Well this was a hell of a ride. Happy Birthday to all ...
    Datum:10.02.2012 Wertung:
  • Tribuman – LibreCommeLair

    Audio Tribuman is based in Strasbourg (France) and born in a musical family, he started quite young playing in the middle ...
    Datum:13.02.2012 Wertung:
  • Lucianno V & Ignacio Sietetrece – unfoundsound records

    Audio Lucianno V (real name Luciano Villarreal) was born in 1988 and hails from Córdoba, Argentina, where he djs and pr ...
    Datum:17.02.2012 Wertung:
  • [dk] – blocSonic

    Audio Once [dK] were [captain], [dixan] and [K], they used to write songs, play them and all the rest. They played a few g ...
    Datum:21.02.2012 Wertung:
  • Joel Enzo – Prozent Music

    Audio The fantastic Prozent Music celebrates his 3 birthday with a fantastic and deep release. Congratulations. Joel Enzo ...
    Datum:29.02.2012 Wertung:

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