Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast

Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast


“Telling Myself That I Was Enough” with Conan O’Brien
38 Minuten
Conan sits down with Michelle to talk about growing up feeling different and swap hard won lessons about relationships and marriage. Plus: Michelle tells stories of her White House travels, including an unexpected invitation from the Queen that...
“We All Have A Light” with Tyler Perry
37 Minuten
Tyler Perry and Michelle discuss their different—but extremely powerful—childhood memories, the drive to succeed as working class Black folks and the difficulty of raising kids in the spotlight. Bonus special guest Madea pops in with a few thin...
“Kids Just Want Our Gladness” with Hoda Kotb
41 Minuten
Hoda and Michelle go deep on the importance of shining our light for others, especially children. They also talk about how they’ve navigated the most daunting challenges in their lives—from Michelle’s time as the first Black First Lady or Hoda’...
Introducing Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast
2 Minuten
Following the release of her bestselling book, The Light We Carry, former First Lady Michelle Obama hit the road to have intimate conversations with some of her best friends – people like Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry, Conan O’Brien, Oprah Winfrey, an...

Über diesen Podcast

Upon the release of her second bestselling book The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, former First Lady Michelle Obama set out on a very special highly anticipated, six-city U.S. book tour. Inside intimate venues and in front of small audiences, Mrs. Obama held inspiring conversations with esteemed friends like Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry, Conan O’Brien, Oprah Winfrey, and more. Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast goes beyond the book as Michelle Obama and her friends share personal stories and insights you won’t encounter anywhere else. Listen as they explore themes from The Light We Carry, like building meaningful relationships; issues connected to race, gender, and visibility; the habits and principles they have used to successfully adapt to change and overcome obstacles; and the importance of lighting up for others to reveal the richness and potential around us. As ever, Michelle Obama brings her trademark humor, candor, and compassion while she discusses her tools for living in today’s world. Light up your world with Michelle Obama in this fun and uplifting new Audible Original series. This show is sponsored by Starbucks and Intuit. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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