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Bits: Tech Talk

The latest tech news and Internet trends from The New York Times.


Technology Headlines 2011
A recap of the year’s major technology headlines and a gear roundup that includes digital-audio amplifiers and a solar-powered keyboard.
Apple Patents and Audio Gear Galore
Nick Wingfield of The Times discusses Apple’s recent legal victory over HTC and Pedro Rafael Rosado samples new headphones and an Android speaker dock.
Politics in Your Pocket and Music in the Air
Sarah Wheaton and Jonathan Ellis of The Times discuss the new Election 2012 app for the iPhone, and Pedro Rafael Rosado takes a look at AirPlay gear for wirelessly streaming media.
Identity Theft and a Happy App
Daniel Mohan of ID Watchdog explains how people’s identities can be stolen (and what to do about it) and Will Lucas discusses, a new social app for positive posts.
Photo Play and Power Shopping
Steve Lohr of the Times discusses new tools that can detect excessive retouching to digital photos and Patrick Carter of Digital Folio explains how his company’s price-comparison application works.

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A weekly look at tech news, trends and innovations, with hands-on computing tips, product reviews and a joyful celebration of geek culture. All this and more from J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado.

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