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Low platelets, but blood clots. Why?
19 Minuten
If the AZ vaccine causes blood clots, why do affected individuals have low platelets, which should make clotting less likely? Also, when the Earth wobbles on its axis, does the Moon's orbit also change? How many genes of mine will my offspring carry?...
Why halt the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine?
27 Minuten
Chris Smith and Kieno Kammies discuss the latest on blood clots and Covid-19 vaccines, including the US and South Africa decisions to halt use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Also, are the vaccines a risk for people with aneurysms, what causes re...
Flu and Covid-19 vaccines together?
26 Minuten
Should I get vaccinated despite previous Covid-19 infection? Can I get a combined flu and Covid-19 shot? Why can't my pharmacist give me a Covid jab in South Africa? Is a Covid-19 vaccine safe for someone with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome? Ca...
Why do masks stop Covid-19 but not smells?
22 Minuten
The people that don't believe Covid-19 is real, how ants smell out sources of food, how soda water makes you burp, a way to banish ants, what would you change about the human body, why masks stop Covid-19 but not smells, and how long is the recovery...
If I've had Covid-19, do I need a vaccine?
21 Minuten
Why are the EU posturing around AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine, and what will be the consequences? And if you've already caught coronavirus, should you still get vaccinated if you are already immune? What is ataxia and how can it be treated? What cau...

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