Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Open Source with Christopher Lydon

An American conversation with global attitude, on the arts, humanities and global affairs, hosted by Christopher Lydon.


Armenia in History and the Heart
Where is Armenia, the place, the idea? Where then? Where now? And how come the delight on top of the darkness in saying “I am Armenian”? Armenians were a tiny, ancient Indo-European people, between East ... The post Armenia in History and the Heart...
The Free World
Recovery and renewal arrived on a flood tide that lifted all kinds of production—culture above all. This was the era that gave the world a new look: tail fins on new cars, Jackson Pollock’s drip ... The post The Free World appeared first on Open Sou...
Bidenomics is different, we are beginning to notice. Just keeping score in the trillions of dollars takes some getting used to. But some key rules have changed, too. Modern Monetary Theory holds that even massive ... The post Bidenomics appeared fir...
The Life of Roth
Philip Roth, the late novelist, may hold the record for “most ways to tell his own story,” in fiction and fact; in his psychiatric farce around a boy’s solo sex in Portnoy’s Complaint, then a ... The post The Life of Roth appeared first on Open Sour...
We’ll Always Have Casablanca
You must remember this, the song says. In fact, it’s hard to forget at Oscar time every April, that Casablanca, the Best Picture of 1942, was an all-time pinnacle of black-and-white Hollywood. To this day, ... The post We’ll Always Have Casablanca a...

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