The Plump Buffet

The Plump Buffet

A free audiobook by ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama


Episode Nine. Outtakes from The Plump Buffet - The Plump Buffet
39 Minuten
-In this episode: Fun flubs and behind-the-scenes audio footage from the voice actors recording their parts.THIS THE FINAL EPISODE OF "The Plump Buffet". Thank you for listening. And be sure to tell two friends.
Episode Eight. Bonus Track - Dick and the Debbies - The Plump Buffet
86 Sekunden
-In this episode: Mother and the Fuckers performing "Dick and the Debbies"Encoded at 320 K!
Episode Seven. Bonus Track - I Love My Little Bitches - The Plump Buffet
4 Minuten
-In this episode: Mother and the Fuckers performing "I Love My Little Bitches" Encoded at 320 K!
Episode Six. Act 3, Part 2. A Hero is Someone Who Interferes With the Karma of Others - The Plump Buffet
22 Minuten
-In this episode: A man of God beseeches the almighty in prayer for the souls of Dick and all the girls. They stay the calm in the storm, as Dick teaches us what it really means to be a hero. The three bears of the apocalypse ride in, and now a...
Episode Five. Act 3, Part 1. Countdown to Chaos - The Plump Buffet
18 Minuten
-In this episode: The three good girls show what their hearts feel by kneeling, as the world starts to collapse around them. Names are added to the "Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption" as the Sheriff reaches the end of his rope. We meet a bulldog...

Über diesen Podcast

In this podiobook: THE PLUMP BUFFET - a romantic kinky curvy cat cult comedy.VALENTINE'S DAY RELEASE! The Plump Buffet is a cast-production BDSMradio play about a sex cult in the desert... and they're all cats.WARNING: "The Plump Buffet" is comedic literature with sexual motifs. If you are not of legal age, you should not listen. You should also not listen if literature with sexual motifs is not permitted in your community. You are also not to listen if you are easily offended by such material. But compared to network TV, it's a wholesome story... no one dies.-THE PLUMP BUFFET: it's not a love triangle, it's a love polygon.--THE PLUMP BUFFET is "Fritz the Cat" meets "Showdown at Waco."--50 women aren't 50 times the fun, they're 50 times the hassle. And one of them always feels like killing you.CREDITS FOR THE PLUMP BUFFET:Story by ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama.Narrator: George Earth. Voice actors: ThornDaddy, Dollie Llama, Estrus Goodspeed, penelope x.k. moi, George Earth. Audio production: ThornDaddy. Directed by ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama.Music by ThornDaddy. Lyrics and vocals: Dollie Llama and ThornDaddy. Bass guitar: ThornDaddy. Guitars: Officer Hutsskew, Marky the Sod. Drums: London May. Music produced and mixed by ThornDaddy.Cover art: F. Wertham. Name "Plump Buffet" suggested by L. Lamb ("Baa Baa!")Thanks to marion (House Of Reason), Illicit Shane, and Erin for audio proofing help.ABOUT THE AUTHORS:ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama are an ecstatically married couple living in Southern California. They did the Podiobook Diary of an S and M Romance. They produce a free weekly BDSM Podcast called Submission and Coffee.

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