Chip Chat On Customer Service

Chip Chat On Customer Service


Building Customer Service Strategies for a Major City with Detroit's Adrian Tonon
23 Minuten
In today's episode Chip and Adrian discuss the following topics: Striving for excellence in the restaurant industry and in the City of Detroit How to implement a customer service strategy for a major city Importance of the Improve Det...
The Barefoot Spirit with Michael Houlihan, Co-Founder of Barefoot Wines
32 Minuten
Since they sold their popular wine brand Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey have dedicated themselves to helping others achieve the same success without suffering through the same mistakes that they made. They started in a laundry room of a ren...
Customer Success in B2B with Jim Moloney, VP at Navistar
29 Minuten
"Open your doors. Invite anybody and everybody and have them sit with your frontline teams". - Jim Moloney Key topics covered in today's episode with Jim: Why customer service matters in B2B How to gain a strategic advantage vs. your c...
Turn Why Into ROI with Peter Iansek
29 Minuten
Operative Intelligence helps contact centers systematically improve customer experience and operational performance through powerful data and insights. And I'm excited to sit down with its CEO, Peter Iansek. Today we discuss a variety of topics...
Ask Me Anything on Customer Service
33 Minuten
In this episode of the podcast, I'm the one in the hot seat. My daughter, Carolyn, is taking over the mic and asking me about my experience in the industry, my passion for customer service, and valuable advice I've received in my career. We tal...

Über diesen Podcast

Chip brings together the most inspirational thought-leaders in the customer service industry to have light & lively conversations that will enhance your business knowledge and challenge conventional wisdom. Chip has more than 35 years of experience in this field and is well-known in the industry as an expert on customer service, business relationships, and client success. Each episode will either feature a unique guest or special AMA sessions with Chip himself. On with the show!!!

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