S2 Ep. 3: A Shark Tank Pitch for the NCAA + Christian Noble's Revenge Tour
57 Minuten
WAKE UP Chip Timers! JK - we bring back Coach's Corner to go over how vital sleep is to your running career and everyday life. We then transition to an extensive breakdown of the injustice that befell Christian Noble at the D2 Indoor National m...
S2 Ep. 2: Oakland University's Landon Melling on the Quest for an XC Team State Title + Running Shoe Experiments
1 Stunde 5 Minuten
The train keeps rolling with episode 2 featuring Landon Melling from Runnin' Gear. We discuss his high school career and what it took for his squad to get over the hump to win a team State title. Then we talk through the ups and downs of the tr...
Season 2 Ep. 1: Runnin' Gear Store Owner Paul Coughlin on Shoe Evolution and the Running Community
1 Stunde 8 Minuten
We are back and we are ready to roll for Season 2! Scotty takes a Willy Wonka-esuqe tour of a Running Shoe specialty store joined by its owner for a full interview. They cover the history of the store, how shoes have evolved over the last 40 years, a...
Bonus Episode: Battle at the Armory
48 Minuten
Scotty gets some active recovery for the vocal chords through this bonus episode, where we get the people hype on winter running progress and recap all things Millrose Games. Contact the show: chiptimepod@gmail.com. Leave a rating on Spotify or...
Ep. 45: Chip Time Season Finale + Millrose Survival Guide
58 Minuten
The crown jewel of indoor track meets is finally here! We get you ready in exam cram style for the 2022 Millrose Games, and then transition into a "season finale" send-off. Contact the show: chiptimepod@gmail.com. Leave a 5-star rating on Apple...

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Whether you're training to run your first 5K or you're a regular at the Boston Marathon, this show is for you. Scotty shares his irrational love of running with recurring discussions centered around training, making progress, and also educating the community about runners you need to know from the NCAA and professional ranks. Friends join in often. Contact the show: chiptimepod@gmail.com

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