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Talking on Tap

Talking on Tap takes you inside the world’s leadi…


Creative thinking and marketing excellence
28 Minuten
For yet another very special episode, AB InBev’s Chief Marketing and ZX Ventures Officer, Pedro Earp, sits down with one of the most influential figures in the marketing space. Brazilian native Fernando Machado is the current Chief Marketing Officer...
Beer, blockchain, metaverse and NFTs
36 Minuten
This very special edition of Talking on Tap features entrepreneur, author, speaker, internet personality, and AB InBev partner Gary Vaynerchuk, to talk about the latest on NFTs, the metaverse, and what it means for the world of business. Is the trend...
NFTs 101
25 Minuten
Launching an NFT isn’t something to be done lightly – as it will be around forever. So how did Budweiser’s first launch go? In this episode, Elaine connects with AB InBev’s resident metaverse expert, Spencer Gordon, VP of Digital and Draftline at Anh...
New brand and purpose
12 Minuten
Increasingly, the onus is on businesses to define their purpose in the world. But how do they map historical brand truths against the need to evolve and grow? A tough nut to crack. In this episode, host Elaine McCrimmon speaks with the man who has at...
Beer as a Driver of Economic and Inclusive Growth
1 Stunde 4 Minuten
In the final episode of Season 1, Elaine sits down with David Almeida, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer at AB InBev to discuss some of the technological innovations that have occurred over the past year as well as how beer can play a role in the r...

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Talking on Tap takes you inside the world’s leading brewer. With well over 500 brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, and countless beer varieties, AB InBev takes great pride in each and every ounce. The AB InBev team are fueled by one overarching mission – bringing people together for a better world. This podcast shares the stories behind the brews and explores how beer leads to countless new connections and experiences for people around the world. We are tapping our internal experts, leaders, global brands and external partners to explore how AB InBev successfully navigates a complex environment with a customer and consumer-centric approach. In Season One, conversations will cover AB InBev’s work to drive a more sustainable and inclusive future and that recovery from the pandemic can only be achieved when we all work together. Always enjoy responsibly and don’t share with anyone under the legal drinking age.

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