Ukraine: The Latest

Ukraine: The Latest


Diplomatic moves heat up as Macron visits Biden & understanding US aid to Ukraine
1 Stunde 4 Minuten
Day 282. Today, we discuss the latest from Ukraine; get an update from Latvia and the Baltic states; and we speak to Luke Coffey, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, on US geopolitical interests, strategy and military support for Ukraine...
Business in Darkness: how Ukraine's companies are battling to keep the lights on
48 Minuten
Day 281. Today, we bring you the latest updates from the front and discuss the ongoing impact of the war on Ukrainian businesses, small and large, as they battle to stay open under the threat of missile strikes and Winter. Contribu...
NATO meets in Bucharest & interview with Alona Shevchenko
36 Minuten
Day 280. Today, we bring you updates from across the continent as NATO meets in Bucharest and discuss Kazakhstan's President’s visit to Moscow. Plus, we speak to Alona Shevchenko, lead at Ukraine DAO and Kyiv tech summit, about crypto, fundra...
Russia abandons battalion tactical groups & interview with Orysia Lutsevych
1 Stunde 9 Minuten
Day 279.  Today, Kyiv braces for more Russian strikes on infrastructure, we analyse the latest remarks on the invasion from Pope Francis, and discuss the extraordinary story of the Zambian student who was killed on the front lines in Ukrain...
Analysing Ukraine's new drone navy in the Black Sea
58 Minuten
Day 278. Today, we bring you the latest military and diplomatic updates from the invasion of Ukraine and we analyse the rise of Ukraine’s maritime drone forces that’s challenging the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.  Contributors: ...

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War in Ukraine is reshaping our world. Every weekday the Telegraph's top journalists analyse the invasion from all angles - military, humanitarian, political, economic, historical - and tell you what you need to know to stay updated.

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