Mozambique military ‘retakes’ Palma from militants
27 Minuten
The BBC’s Vumani Mkhize reports on the humanitarian crisis in northern Mozambique, as the military claims to have retaken the town of Palma from militants. We look back at the life of Cardinal Christian Tumi from Cameroon who passed away on Friday....
Niger’s first democratic transition of power
28 Minuten
Mohamed Bazoum was sworn in as President of Niger on Friday in the country’s first democratic transition of power. We take a look at the security challenges ahead for the new government with Niagale Bagayoko from the African Security Network. The lo...
Curfew after inmates escape in Liberia jailbreak
30 Minuten
Liberia's President George Weah has imposed a night-time curfew on the coastal county of Maryland after days of violent demonstrations involving tens of thousands of mostly female protesters. Plus, in Sierra Leone, there are calls for the Mayor of F...
Ivorian ex-leader has acquittal upheld by ICC
33 Minuten
The International Criminal Court has upheld the acquittal of Ivory Coast's former President Laurent Gbagbo, who had been accused of crimes against humanity. Niger says it has thwarted an attempted coup, just days before the new president is due to b...
DRC warlord loses ICC appeal
30 Minuten
The International Criminal Court has rejected the appeal of former Congolese rebel leader, Bosco Ntaganda, who was challenging his conviction for war crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and seeking to have his 30-year sentence overturned. Pl...

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