True Blue Crime

True Blue Crime

Australian True Crime


Thankyou & Goodbye
6 Minuten
We have decided to finish up making episodes for True Blue Crime. This will undoubtedly be a surprise and disappointing for many people, but we want to finish things on our terms and now feels like the right time to do that. It’s a decisi...
Amber Haigh and Janelle Goodwin
28 Minuten
Robbie and Amber spoke on the phone regularly, but fell out of touch as time went on. But then one day, all of a sudden, Amber was moving into Robbie’s house, which was a surprise to him. He asked his Mum, Anne, why Amber was there, was she b...
Claremont, Part 2
47 Minuten
It was mid afternoon on May the 7th 1990, and Wendy Davis was working at the Hollywood Hospital in Nedlands.  She was at her desk, immersed in her work, when she heard a voice behind her ask ‘is it okay if I use the toilet?’ Wendy swivell...
Claremont, Part 1
56 Minuten
Nicole awoke in her bed with someone next to her, but it wasn’t her boyfriend like she first thought. It was someone else. She grabbed his face, dug her fingernails in hard, and the man jumped up from the bed. He was tall and wearing a ligh...
Maya Jakic & Megumi Suzuki
39 Minuten
It was the 17th of April, 1999, and in Adelaide, South Australia, two rookie police officers were coming to the end of their shift. As the two young officers returned to their vehicle, they noticed a handwritten note on their windscreen, wedg...

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Join hosts Shaun and Chloe each week as they discuss an Australian criminal case, deep diving into the backgrounds of perpetrators, details of crimes, impact on victims, and affects on the community. Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

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