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Episode 8 - More the Merrier: There's Power in a Union
2 Stunden 14 Minuten
IT’S THE UNION EPISODE we welcome our first ever (!!) guests to the MM podcast, 2 union thugs named Alex and Rachael, to chat about unions. what is a union? should i join one? START one? how would it benefit me? why are the bosses so against them? i...
Episode 7 - MAOi & Meperidine: The Protocols of the Elders of Libby Zion
1 Stunde 35 Minuten
u may tire of me // as our december sun is setting // ‘cause i'm not who i used 2 be summer break is over and M&M is back! welcome babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigmund leads today on the unfortunate death of Libby Zion - a famous case that mos...
Episode 6.67 - Academic Half-Day #2, part 3: The Private Payers of Healthcare
1 Stunde 41 Minuten
i know, i know - an hour and 40 minute long part 3???? it’s worth it brothers and sisters. (maybe? that’s what they told me at least) today we wrap up our long discussion on the payers of healthcare by dissecting specifically the PRIVATE payers - th...
Episode 6.5 - Academic Half-Day #2, part 2: The Public Payers of Healthcare
52 Minuten
oh happy day (oh happy day)! it’s finally nice out and you know what that means. yes friends, part 2 of academic half-day #2 is here. we discuss the payers of healthcare, specifically the public sector payers. Medicare, Medicaid, the Indian Health Se...
Episode 6 - Academic Half-Day #2: Buyers & Payers / Who "Finances" Healthcare?
welcome back friends! it’s session #2 of our Academic Half-Day series, and today we’re continuing our exploration of the Medical-Industrial Complex by dissecting how we buy & pay for healthcare - the other half of the dialectic that is reflected in t...

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