Belting: Explanations & Exercises

Belting: Explanations & Exercises

How to belt out a song: Discover your belt voice!


Register Connection: Middle Voice to Chest Voice
5 Minuten
By singing down the scale there is always the danger of dropping abruptly into the chest voice sound and losing vocal control. That provokes not only increasing the existing passaggio problem between middle voice and chest voice but even to fal...
High-Belting: Focus Tone Exercise
5 Minuten
Just as in the voice placement exercise, we must stretch the abdominal wall to intensify the support systematically while singing up higher and higher. That exercise does not only enable you to activate your overtones and your highest notes but...
Breathing Exercise: Air, Air and More Air
5 Minuten
We stand straight with slightly separated legs (about a foot-length apart), relaxed in the knees. After bending forward and exhaling, we immediately start to inhale while we straighten up slowly to an upright position, as we would like to roll...
Belt Voice Support
5 Minuten
The term support is perhaps the most misunderstood expression in vocal technique. Building up your physical condition, the strength of your abdominal muscles, and your body in general, will help you to become a better singer with a stronger voi...
Breathing Exercise 2 and Breathing Support
3 Minuten
Through that exercise, we learn to use the breathing muscles separately from the abdominal muscles. You will get the most simple and efficient explanation for your voice support.

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How to belt out a song in pop, rock, soul, musical, jazz. Learn how to use your belt voice without screaming or yelling. Your power voice is only a few steps away. Start today!

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