Yes we can('t)? Why election campaigns in Germany aren't as exciting as in the US
37 Minuten
It's election time in Germany - but arguably you may just as well ignore it, at least when it comes to the level of excitement around the parties' campaigns. In this episode, the former campaign staff member Jordan Wagner and I talk about how G...
How the vaccine sceptics in the US and Germany impede the fight against Covid-19
46 Minuten
The Georgia based Pharmacist Natalia Rossa explains how vaccine sceptics in the US argue and why this might significantly impair the immunization campaign. In this episode, we're trying to find answers to questions like: Are common stereotypes...
Insurgents in Berlin and DC: How vulnerable are our democracies?
Episode 1 has been recorded right after the Capitol insurrection in January 2021. With Andrew Fiocco, an American student living in Germany, I discuss the political brutalization in the US that went along with the election of Donald Trump as presiden...

Über diesen Podcast

GERMERICA is a monthly podcast offering a sociopolitical comparison between America and Germany. As a German Ole Miss alumni, I still love to discuss controversial issues with my American friends on both sides of the ocean. What makes our conversations special are our diverse perceptions on society, democracy and the transatlantic relationship. Evidently, they are all notably influenced by our backgrounds. In this podcast, we wanna get to the bottom of it and explain why we might sometimes think differently - but yet we have so much in common. Tune in for more!

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