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Uncorked Crime

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Episode 53: Maura Murray
1 Stunde 9 Minuten
On February 9, 2004, 21 year old Maura Murray packed a bag with a couple days worth of clothes and left her dorm room at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She hadn’t told anyone she planned on leaving or where she was going. Later that night,...
Episode 52: Dorothy Jane Scott & Dorr E Felt - Felt Mansion
1 Stunde 11 Minuten
Welcome to season two of Uncorked Crime! We decided to start off our second season with a two-part episode – one part true crime, one part ghost story. First, we’ll tell you the story of Dorothy Jane Scott. From her creepy stalker, to her strange dis...
Episode 51: Joel Rifkin
Joel David Rifkin was adopted in 1959 at just three weeks old to Bernard and Jeanne Rifkin in New City, New York. By his late teen years, Joel started looking for prostitutes and developed a fascination of bondage and other aggressive sexual acts. Af...
Episode 49: Sinedu Tadesse
Sinedu Tadesse was born in Ethiopia and after her father did some time in prison, she was shunned by family and friends. She focused on her schooling and after graduating high school, she decided to study abroad and was accepted by Harvard. While the...
Book Review 7: An Unwanted Guest
Ten guests arrive at Mitchell’s Inn, a quaint and secluded lodge with no cell phone service or WiFi, in the midst of a raging winter storm. By the next morning, the inn would be without power or no one would be able to leave due to ice. One of the gu...

Über diesen Podcast

2 sisters with an obsession of true crime sit down to tell each other their favorite murders, mysteries, and hauntings. Tune in every Monday to uncork new wine & crime!

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