ESL = English as a Second Language

ESL = English as a Second Language

World News in VOA Special English


Test-to-Speech (Top Words 1-78)
Let's listen to the voice of say some high frequency words. Are all words pronounced correctly? (Please note that I did not pronounce "pronounced" correctly.) the of and a in to it is to was I for that you he be with on by at hav...
Announcement Using Fred, one of Macintosh's speech synthesizer voices.
It has been a while since I've put a new podcast here. In the near future, I'll be putting new podcasts online again. Thanks for your patience. This is Fred, one of the Macintosh speech sythesizer voices, for I just put this onli...

Über diesen Podcast

World News in Slow and Clear EnglishFor English as a Second Language (ESL) listeners.The English is spoken very clearly at about 80% the speed of regular news announcers.

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