Musical remedy for the aspiring hotelier at EHL.


Transmission 003
vor 8 Jahren
25 Minuten
This one's a banger. We've got our very own Anthony Watters (AP) in the mix, spinning the most ridiculous liquid Drum and Bass you'll ever hear. Need to write your Anthropology essay? Have no fear - Headphones on, world off.
Transmission 002
vor 8 Jahren
11 Minuten
The latest and greatest in Trap music.
Transmission 001
vor 8 Jahren
13 Minuten
Here's some of the new tunes released this month on

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Trap, Electro-House, Dubstep, Progressive, etc. Just an AP student bringing you the finest in the Electronic Dance Music scene. All mixes are recorded live and exclusively for EHLECTRO. ***ATTENTION EHL DJs/PRODUCERS*** If you want one of your mixes featured on this podcast, contact me through facebook (Bryan Kradolfer).

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