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  • WoW Fashionista Warlock Tier Retrospective

    Download MMO-Champion / World of Warcraft Ok. I kinda feel bad for the warlock class in general after looking through these. ...
    Datum:26.11.2011 Wertung:
  • WoW Fashionista Druid Tier Retrospective

    Download MMO-Champion / World of Warcraft In the future we need more bear inspired sets IMO. Cat as well. My likes Tier 5 No ...
    Datum:27.11.2011 Wertung:
  • Gearing up Book in 4.3

    Download Profiles: Armory :: Ask Mr Robot :: WoWhead :: Shadowcraft The listed is all items she aspires to that are better th ...
    Datum:08.01.2012 Wertung:
  • So do you know this fight?

    This morning I was doing my random dungeon and got Scarlet Halls. Armsmaster Harlan is a notorious group wiper. Ta ...
    Datum:06.01.2013 Wertung:
  • Too many LFRs to do

    Too many LFRs to do!!!! Last night with some lucky drops and some number finagling I got my priestess Shepardbook to ...
    Datum:01.04.2013 Wertung:
  • Rogue’s Gallery Updated

    I’m getting the urge to update about my World of Warcraft characters… Aka Book and the Library. I’ve done this ...
    Datum:06.04.2013 Wertung:
  • Saturday night is alright for fighting

    Saturday night is my Skype night with my RL friends now that we are scattered more across the US. We frequently do t ...
    Datum:28.04.2013 Wertung:
  • Done today

    Last night: Leveled Booktrey at bit. She’s now at 76. Only 4 more levels for her in Northrend. Slept about 7 hours ...
    Datum:05.05.2013 Wertung:
  • From Feedly: New Stuff Coming to the Pet Store!

    Looks like Transmog helms are coming. I like the blue skull one. The mount thing looks cool, but I want it as a moun ...
    Datum:13.07.2013 Wertung:
  • From Feedly: Patch 5.4 PTR: Patch notes update for July 12

    They are making Teleport: Moonglade & Death Gate more like Zen Pilgrimage. I like this idea. Druids and Death Knight ...
    Datum:14.07.2013 Wertung:
  • Instagram: More McDonald-cizing

    Video I videoed: on August 07, 2013 at 0 ...
    Datum:08.08.2013 Wertung:
  • Daily Journal: two big announcements on Twitter

    World of #Warcraft Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar arrives September 10! — World of Warcraft ...
    Datum:22.08.2013 Wertung:
  • FODMAP on the Road: Arby’s

    PDF Today’s stop was Arby’s Ok to have: Arby’s menu of things without Gluten (PDF) Basically the meats without the ...
    Datum:23.04.2014 Wertung:
  • Rogue Thoughts on WoD ability pruning

    I’ve included the whole post as of today, but I’ll be breaking it down a bit. Ambidexterity has been removed. I ...
    Datum:16.06.2014 Wertung:
  • From Feedly: Apple needs single sign-on to solve the tvOS adoption problem

    PDF Paul Müller Crunch Network Contributor Paul Müller is CTO and co-founder of adjust where he oversees building and ...
    Datum:15.07.2016 Wertung:

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