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Modern Medicine Opportunities
When modern medicine works, it works wonders. We’ve come to depend on science to see us through many of our ills. But there are times when we need something more. Dr. Diehl suggests that many of the answers we seek are found in a very unlikely place.
Modern Medicine Limitations
Modern medicine is a “good news, bad news” conundrum. Sometimes it works beautifully. Other times if fails miserably. Knowing what works and what doesn’t could save your life. Dr. Diehl offers powerful suggestions.
Mental Mystery
Consider this: We know more about the human brain than ever before. We’ve got powerful medicines that can change the way we think. So, why has mental illness skyrocketed? Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Whitaker reveals the hidden truth.
The Long Run
Do you have dreams of being a long-distance runner, or a triathlete, or competing in the Olympics? What you eat can help you along that journey. It can also rob you of that dream. Dr. Hans Diehl talks about nutrition for the long run.
The Canada Connection
In 1988, a Canadian physician began a movement in his community that continues to this day. Because of his efforts, many lives have been saved. What did he do and why did he do it? Dr. Sid Kettner, now retired, explains.

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