Medizin - Open Access LMU - Teil 16/22

Medizin - Open Access LMU - Teil 16/22


A new law on advance directives in Germany
This article presents the new German law on advance directives from 1 September 2009. The history of the parliamentary process of this law is described, the present regulations are explained, their relevance for medical practice discussed and shortco...
Spielen Statine eine Rolle als adjuvante Therapie bei Entzündung? - Do statins play a role as an adjuvant therapy in inflammation?
Despite recent advances in management of patients in intensive care units, sepsis and septic shock are the major causes of morbidity and mortality. Prompt and adequate antibiotic therapy accompanied by surgical removal of the infectious material are...
Development of a device to simulate tooth mobility
Objectives: The testing of new materials under simulation of oral conditions is essential in medicine. For simulation of fracture strength different simulation devices are used for test set-up. The results of these in vitro tests differ because there...
Immunsuppressiva-Medikamentenspiegelmessung – reine Routine? - Immunosuppressant drug monitoring – a routine undertaking? 2-2
The quantitative assessment of immunosuppressant drug levels is still one of the most challenging therapeutic drug monitoring procedures in clinical routine. During the past years, several technical developments matured to useable methods. In additio...

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Die Universitätsbibliothek (UB) verfügt über ein umfangreiches Archiv an elektronischen Medien, das von Volltextsammlungen über Zeitungsarchive, Wörterbücher und Enzyklopädien bis hin zu ausführlichen Bibliographien und mehr als 1000 Datenbanken reicht. Auf iTunes U stellt die UB unter anderem eine Auswahl an elektronischen Publikationen der Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler an der LMU bereit. (Dies ist der 16. von 22 Teilen der Sammlung 'Medizin - Open Access LMU'.)

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