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De Gruyter Podcast


Andreas Witt and Darja Fišer on “CLARIN. The Infrastructure for Language Resources”
17 Minuten
Digital humanities are a hot topic nowadays, but what about digital linguistics? How can digital language data be used in other areas of research? To tackle these complex questions, we invited Prof. Andreas Witt and Dr. Darja Fišer to talk to u...
Elisa Cuter, Guido Kirsten and Hanna Prenzel on “Precarity in Europ Film"
49 Minuten
Films not only entertain – they also probe social injustices and tell  marginalized stories. Against a backdrop of increasing economic  inequality, more and more people today are experiencing precarious  living situations, poverty, and social...
Humanities for Humans: Irene Kacandes on the New Transatlantic Discussion Series
18 Minuten
Over the last few years, the misuse of contested terms such as “critical race theory” and “white privilege” have exacerbated social rifts – especially since these terms are often misunderstood or not clearly defined in the first place. What’s...
Book Talk: Esther Wright on “Rockstar Games and American History”
31 Minuten
For two decades, Rockstar Games have been making games that interrogate and represent the idea of America, past and present. Commercially successful, fan-beloved, and a frequent source of media attention, Rockstar’s franchises are positioned as...
Book Talk: Aidan McQuade on "Ethical Leadership"
33 Minuten
Why do decent people in positions of power do dreadful things in certain circumstances? Why do some leaders carve out a different moral path when faced with challenging situations? Why do some people become ethical leaders in morally challengin...

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