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#6 Michael Neace - Cross Country Road trip
3 Stunden 15 Minuten
Again on the Chip Chat podcast we have my good friend Michael Neace.Mike has just tuned from a cross country road trip adventure.Listen to this episode as we break down his reasons for the trip and stops along the way.
#5 - Michael Neace & Caleb Cornett
1 Stunde 56 Minuten
Hello! Thank you for listening to the podcast! This episode is with two of my closest friends! We talk about sports,the riots,and just friendly banter.Hope you enjoy!
#3 - Michael Neace - Being Money Motivated
3 Stunden 31 Minuten
Michael has been one of my best friends for the last 10 years and it was really good to talk about his mindset on not wanting to be broke/middle classed.Absolutely the most fun I've ever had recording a podcast to date.I hope you enjoy! whole hearted...
#2 - Daniel Charles and being in Quarantine
42 Minuten
In this episode of the podcast Steven and Daniel talk about their lives during the COVID-19 lockdown and how they have been passing the time.Thanks listening and feel free to share how you've been spending your quarantine to me on Twitter @gellhouse9...
 #1 - Daniel Charles and his fitness grind
1 Stunde 8 Minuten
The very first episode of Chip Chat! (Mic Improves at 10:00) Thank you for listening! Episode is sponsored by @Wholeheartedapparelcompany go show them some love on Instagram,No YouTube video :(

Über diesen Podcast

Hello listeners,I'm Steven Gellhouse aka SoapyChip94.I don't know everything about anything,but i know a little about everything and that is probably the most accurate description of this podcast that I can give.

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