Radio 1's Scott Mills Daily Podcast

Radio 1's Scott Mills Daily Podcast


The Ted Hastings Treatment
Adrian Dunbar off of Line Of Duty gives your favourite hits the Ted Hastings Interrogation Treatment and manages to make Olivia Rodrigo sound quite menacing. Also, Gigs – remember what they are? Chris explains.
Dear Mrs.Tinder
Yay! It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and The GT gets a reply from the DG about her request for Chris to join Masterchef and Chris reveals that he’s never smuggled a budgie.
Tyrone Says Relax
19 Stunden 29 Minuten
Vaccine Jealousy, toilet refurbs, Greek holidays, eye tests, cheese, panpipes, Tyrone Mings and Conor Coady. What more do you want in a podcast?
A New High!
New totals are in for our Lolathon challenge, another chance to hear Capaldi The Musical and some extra Unexpected Covers. If you missed any of the Lolathon including the hi tech game of “BattleNips” why not catch up with it all on BBC Sounds.
Dear Mr. Davie
20 Stunden 33 Minuten
The GT writes to The DG trying to get Chris on Masterchef, Scott’s prepared his overnight bag for the Lolathon and Vicky and Katie are on to reveal details of how Scott is going to be presented with something he has never seen before.

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The podcast that walks the line between the funny, awkward and outrageous.

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