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  • Bookings/Promos via mail to
    decro.promo@web.de or just hit me up on
    @ instagram.com/djdecro!
    Resident DJ on HouseTime.FM ( HouseTime.FM )
    Weekly radioshow every friday from 6pm - 8pm CET.
    Electro/Future/Progressive + House/Bass/Trash/Jungle/Cats/whatever
    Here you can find all my recorded sets (and tracks/mashups) with free download.
    For producers/newcomers: I'm always searching for a new and fresh sound to present to the world so don't hesitate to pm me (fastest reply DeCRO (IG)) with your work for the chance to be featured in my weekly Radio show!
    Visit and follow me mainly on instagram.com/djdecro as I'm mostly active there but nevertheless also on facebook.com/djdecro to stay updated & show me your support ♥ :)

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