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  • Datum:16.05.2011 Wertung:
  • #393: Infidelity

    Audio Stories of cheating, cheaters and the cheated. Writer James Braly with a story about temptation (performed and recor ...
    Datum:23.05.2011 Wertung:
  • #436: The Psychopath Test

    Audio Recently we heard about this test that could determine if someone was a psychopath. So, naturally, our staff decided ...
    Datum:30.05.2011 Wertung:
  • #437: Old Boys Network

    Audio Stories about standing up to the man—or, really, the men. Nurses at a small Texas hospital report a well-connected ...
    Datum:06.06.2011 Wertung:
  • #411: First Contact

    Audio Stories of first encounters with unknown and distant beings: Girls, foreigners and perhaps even aliens. Including a ...
    Datum:13.06.2011 Wertung:
  • #438: Father's Day 2011

    Audio Yes yes yes you've heard it all before, when it comes to stories of fathers and their children. There's the story o ...
    Datum:20.06.2011 Wertung:
  • #439: A House Divided

    Audio Stories about people who find themselves either unexpectedly being singled out or doing the singling out. Including ...
    Datum:27.06.2011 Wertung:
  • #218: Act V

    Audio We devote this entire episode to one story: Over the course of six months, reporter and TAL contributor Jack Hitt fo ...
    Datum:04.07.2011 Wertung:
  • #440: Game Changer

    Audio A professor in Pennsylvania makes a calculation, to discover that his state is sitting atop a massive reserve of nat ...
    Datum:11.07.2011 Wertung:
  • #339: Break-Up

    Audio Writer Starlee Kine on what makes the perfect break-up song and whether really sad music can actually make you feel ...
    Datum:18.07.2011 Wertung:
  • #441: When Patents Attack!

    Audio Why would a company rent an office in a tiny town in East Texas, put a nameplate on the door, and leave it completel ...
    Datum:25.07.2011 Wertung:
  • #442: Thugs

    Audio Like a lot of Mexican towns, Florencia has had its share of problems dealing with drug gangs. That is until recently ...
    Datum:01.08.2011 Wertung:
  • Datum:08.08.2011 Wertung:
  • #443: Amusement Park

    Audio We head to some of the happiest places on Earth: Amusement Parks! Jonathan Goldtsein revisits one he worked at as a ...
    Datum:15.08.2011 Wertung:
  • #323: The Super

    Audio In 1980's New York City, rent is rising: it seems out of control, and residents struggle to keep up. So Jack Hitt he ...
    Datum:22.08.2011 Wertung:
  • #444: Gossip

    Audio This week, Sarah Koenig hosts, as we tackle the thing we all hate to love: Gossip. That's right; we've got rumor, we ...
    Datum:29.08.2011 Wertung:
  • #241: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes

    Audio Instead of the usual "each week we choose a theme, and bring you 3 or 4 stories on that theme" business, we throw al ...
    Datum:05.09.2011 Wertung:
  • #445: Ten Years In

    Audio In this show, we return to people who've been on This American Life in the last ten years, whose lives were drastica ...
    Datum:12.09.2011 Wertung:
  • #446: Living Without (2011)

    Audio Stories of people living without. Nubar Alexanian explains what fish can do for him that his own ears cannot. Sarah ...
    Datum:19.09.2011 Wertung:
  • #447: The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms

    Audio What do you get when you take a P.I. firm, then add in a bunch of sexy soccer moms, official sponsorship from Glock, ...
    Datum:26.09.2011 Wertung:
  • #309: Cat and Mouse

    Audio Stories about the kinds of chase games that just never end. From the high California desert to a high-end furniture ...
    Datum:03.10.2011 Wertung:
  • #448: Adventure!

    Audio Sometimes you choose the adventure and sometimes the adventure chooses you. This week, stories that pinpoint when pe ...
    Datum:10.10.2011 Wertung:
  • #279: Auto Show

    Audio Stories about people who love their cars, for better or for worse.
    Datum:17.10.2011 Wertung:
  • #414: Right to Remain Silent

    Audio Stories about people who have the right to remain silent... but choose not to exercise that right—including police ...
    Datum:24.10.2011 Wertung:
  • #449: Middle School

    Audio This week, at the suggestion of a 14-year-old listener, we bring you stories from the awkward, confusing, hormonally ...
    Datum:31.10.2011 Wertung:

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