Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer

Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer


Journeys of Discovery: Exploring Julia Morgan’s Hearst ranch headquarters at Fort Hunter Liggett
24 Minuten
William Randolph Heart’s old ranch headquarters was constructed in 1930. Hearst and architect Julia Morgan’s classic, Moorish/Mission Revival structure, dubbed the Hacienda or Milpitas Ranch House, was sold to the U.S. Army in 1940. The Hacienda init...
Journeys of Discovery: Time travel back to 1990 aboard the Rainbow Warrior II in British Columbia
27 Minuten
In the fall of 1990, correspondent Tom Wilmer spent time on the Rainbow Warrior II while the vessel and crew were in the midst of an environmental awareness campaign in British Columbia. Back in 1985 the French Intelligence Service bombed the Greenea...
Journeys of Discovery: Exploring Mendocino Coast’s wineries and inns
31 Minuten
Join associate producer Molly Blaisdell and 30-year winemaker Jamie Hilgendorf for an exploration of Mendocino Coast’s coveted wine culture with the proprietors of Foursight Wines and Long Meadow Ranch Winery as well as the distinctive accommodations...
Journeys of Discovery: Roanoke, Virginia's historic Texas Tavern
12 Minuten
It all started back in 1930 when Nick Bullington was working as an advance man for Ringling Brothers Circus. He discovered a killer bowl of Chile while staying at a San Antonio Hotel. It was the Chili spurred Nick to open his own eatery in downtown R...
Journeys of Discovery: A toast to Mendocino’s wine country
11 Minuten
Who knew Boonville, California would be the destination of an enviable and legendary sparkling wine enterprise with a centuries long French connection? Correspondent Molly Blaisdell and her associate Jamie Hilgendorf explore, taste and learn about Me...

Über diesen Podcast

Tom Wilmer’s Lowell Thomas award-winning NPR podcast, recorded live on-location across America and around the world- showcases the arts, culture, music, nature, history, science, wine and spirits, brewpubs, and the culinary arts. We cover nouns and verbs—people, places, things, and action—everything from baseball to exploring South Pacific atolls, and interviewing the real Santa Claus in the Arctic. His feature, recorded live at Harland & Wolfe Shipyards in Belfast Northern Ireland, celebrating the centenary of the launch of the Titanic was the recipient of a Best Travel award from Outdoor Writers Association of California.

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