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Fort Fritz

Fort Fritz


Fort Fritz on October 23, 2020
Man "Poison Milk" Daddy
Fritz gives us a man who faked his death for a wedding proposal and a species fighting off extinction, Angela presents Kurzgesagt the YouTube channel, Mandaddy reviews Raised by Wolves, Ratched, and so much more!
Analyze This
Fritz addresses the Arecibo Observatory damage and a freaky UFO video from Volusia County Florida, Kaz gives us insight into a horrifying cannibal story involving the Jameson brand, Mandaddy reviews Bill & Ted Face the Music
Fun with Daniel Travis
Fritz talks about the latest in UFO sightings and a TikTok video purportedly showing a haunting and a small ghost child in a graveyard, Mandaddy reviews Lovecraft Country, Angela talks Readings and Cassadaga, and Daniel Travis loves The Church of the...
Say It!
Fritz tells us the states with the best chance of finding Big Foot & shared hallucinations, Mandaddy reviews Ingrid Goes West and Assimilate, Angela discusses I'll Be Gone in the Dark

Über diesen Podcast

Fritz inherits a ghoulish haunted house from his late uncle, Felix. There's only one catch: he's got to stay a night in the creepy old mansion to own it. Calling over some friends to help Fritz work up the nerves to overnight it doesn't go so well, as each of his guests tell campfire-like stories complete with sound effects. If you like horror stories, scary facts, and spooky radio plays, this is your podcast!

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