Mind your freedom

Mind your freedom

Priming infinite possibilities through mind science


The real Kim Day says, fire yourself up and plant your flag
Before Kim had an epiphany, she was a financial advisor in saturated market, focussing on her own and other people's financial freedom. She was attending regular network marketing meetings and finding those nessesary leads, reading lots of written ad...
David R Hawkings reveals why I can't is a loss of personal freedom
14 Stunden 23 Minuten
In David R Hawkings book Letting go  David talks about the unconscious loss of freedom we impose on ourselves when we use the words I can't. Rather, David encourages us to ask ourselves a bigger question, Why won't I? Behind the bigger question lies...
Caregiving heartbreak, breakdown and surrendering into being ok
21 Stunden 32 Minuten
Have you ever felt horrified, heartbroken, frightened and helpless. It is said, that the emotions we feel are optional, in that we don't have to have our emotions derail our lives. But we are human! We have emotions, but consider sometimes our emotio...
Sandy Zeiszler's passion is to empower your health by reducing toxins in your home
10 Stunden 51 Minuten
Sandy Zeiszler encourages us to take charge of our health. She had struggled for years with allergies and poor health. End it all came to a head when she went seeking help for pain in her abdomen. The conclusion, was there is nothing we can do, but c...
Olympian Elena Muratova transitions to a new and bold purpose
It wasn't easy growing up in Russia, or becoming an Olympain. With both parents athletic coaches, economic hardships, being a peacemaker at home and bullied at school, Elena struggled to find space for herself, in any area of her life. And as the str...

Über diesen Podcast

Mind Your Freedom focuses on how to achieve your greatest personal freedoms. Because sometimes we feel like we are in limbo, stuck, uninspired and even bored with our life. When we feel this way, freedom seems to slip away, or we lose sight of it. Why, when science claims we are primed for infinite possibility, why do we not feel that way, live the life of our dreams? Some suggest that our life experiences shatter us, make us conform so much that we tune out our ability to create life as we imagine. But what if that is an assumption that is wrong or at least malleable. In each episode we will dial into personal experiences of challenge and resilience. You can receive life tips, tools and techniques to turn up your life satisfaction, and create focus, clarify your purpose. Mind your freedom is a passionate exploration of greatness and how to overcome lost potential. Get ready for vulnerable truths, a few holy mollies, and gain life skills and tools you can call on today. Tune into NLP techniques that are known to remove the number one reason why we fail; self-limiting beliefs. Have some laughs, maybe some insights, possibly a surprise or two. But trust you can hang your hat on something solid, tangible. Neuroscience offers mind freedom and can be an ultimate guide to a new perspective. Each session is designed to bring you closer to your own mind freedom. So tune in and taste your freedom today.

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