The Anchor Launch
3 Minuten
We give you some insight on what’s happening in our world and ways you can help our program. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paul-yeager/support
Your Commentary Back to Us - Setzer, Miller & Newsom
22 Minuten
We open ourselves up and welcome your comments on everything we do. We do have policies in place to handle the comments when a line is crossed. David Miller, Market to Market's Executive Producer, lays out our ground-rules and how just calling someon...
Around the World With Don Roose
26 Minuten
Don Roose splits time in a few world-wide locations each year. But recently, he really expanded his passport on a journey around the globe with his family. Click to listen to Don tell Paul Yeager about the different forms of agriculture he observed a...
A Buzz To Help many Industries - Andy Joseph and Bob Wolff
29 Minuten
Honey lemonade carries a different flavor. The long line to purchase a glass offers Iowa's beekeepers a chance to talk about the buzz and importance of the industry. Andy Joseph is the state apiarist. Bob Wolff is a beekeeper as well and has traveled...
Beef Is On the Menu
34 Minuten
The Iowa State Fair is the quintessential gathering of agriculture, food and entertainment. We will take the next several episodes to talk with various commodity groups that have a presence on the grounds in Des Moines. The Iowa beef industry may not...

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A weekly look at agriculture through the lens of Market to Market. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paul-yeager/support

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