Wisdom For A New World

Wisdom For A New World


Manifesting Abundance and Generating Spiritual Wealth
37 Minuten
We're forever hearing suggestions for manifesting abundance, and they’ve become so commonplace as to be almost a cliché. The majority of this advice is based on New Age ideals and the Law of Attraction teachings. So why have so many poeple had limite...
Walking The Spiritual, Grounded In The Physical
43 Minuten
Hosts: Catherine Bullard & Dr. Denise CornallHave you found maintaining the point of balance between Spirit and Matter can be challenging? How do you stay grounded during these major energetic shifts?As we walk a path of Consciousness, we know that t...
Empower Through Language
36 Minuten
Guest: Kim AdeleMany of us were told off as children for saying something unkind. We were taught to always find something nice to say, and if we couldn’t then we were better saying nothing at all. But for some people this can lead to feelings of neve...
Re-Connecting To The Intelligence Of Your Intuition
34 Minuten
Guest: Doris MounseyEveryone has an Inner GPS, their Intuition, which if they allow it, can guide them through life with clarity and confidence. But it’s very easy to dismiss intuition when it speaks to you if you’re not aware of its signs and langua...
Breathing Into The Wisdom Of The New Earth
36 Minuten
Guest: Nicole Jacobsen  We've all experienced how connecting with nature reinvigorates us and makes us feel newly alive. And we know the power of a natural world that can, even if just for a brief moment, lift us out of our responsibilities and stres...

Über diesen Podcast

We are currently standing at the most powerful opportunity for global transformation and growth not just in our experience, but in our entire history. This Corona Gateway carries hugely expanded spiritual power and levels of consciousness as it heralds in a new era of Spiritual growth, and creativity. With the world on hold during Covid-19 many are calling it a wake-up call, a rare opportunity to re-write our future and that of the planet, on every level.But just how do we navigate these energies to come through in wholeness as Conscious Leaders? Join me as I talk with wise ones, truth holders, light keepers and others walking in spiritual consciousness about what this means for Spiritual Adventurers, and how we integrate and awaken all the levels of our inner power as we move forward into this New Future, however it looks.

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