LIFT Your Story

LIFT Your Story


LIFT Your Story Podcast with Paul Glover No B S Work Performance Coach and Trusted Advisor
35 Minuten
Paul says it as it is.  No B S.  Author of Workquake, he spoke to the transition from the industrial age economy and what's coming next.  The book is about the workplace, and how it needs to keep up with what is going on in the world around us.Paul g...
LIFT Your Story with Erin McCullough Joy Slinger about Joy versus Happiness
30 Minuten
Erin's personal experience with overthinking and anxiety and overcoming them has brought her to a place where she now coaches other to do the same and to find the joy in their life.She had promised herself if she could find her way out that she would...
LIFT Your Story with Mike Montague Global Head of Content at Sandler Training and Founder of Playful Humans Podcast and Community
31 Minuten
"Can You Come Out And Play?" ... a line we forget about when we become adults.  Sometimes I think that when we have children, for some of us, it's an excuse to buy all the toys we wanted ourselves as children because we miss playing too.To Mike it's...
LIFT Your Story with Rosa Ponce De Leon High Performance Leadership Coach
28 Minuten
As a High Performance Leadership Coach, Rosa began in a male dominated industry starting in law enforcement.  She said that most of her challenges were in the area of leadership.  Although perceived as a leader by those around her, she says she was n...
LIFT Your Story with Gerardo Contreras Co-Founder and CMO of Remote Social
26 Minuten
What an interesting idea - a way for colleagues to socialize online through a platform that is built for teams to come together and build strong connections. It provides a way to maintain a company culture, which Gerardo says is critical in retaining...

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That Gal With That Guy presents "LIFT Your Story" which is about SHARING YOUR STORY beyond what you would in a regular "pitch" - Although we do focus primarily on topics from new entrepreneurs, authors and health - all entrepreneurs have a STORY behind the business! It's about two completely different minded people coming together to ask questions from two different perspectives. Our goal - Promoting others and interesting topics is our goal. Why LIFT? Two reasons. One, is that we lift it to a beyond just the business person we interview, and we also automatically help share your story on our LIFT process... LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (LIFT)LaurieAnn is an Award Winning Author of Make Up Not Required - How To Brand The True You, Branding Expert, 1st Canadian and 3rd North American to receive a Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst Certification from Milton, Ontario, Canada. LaurieAnn is also a contributing Author to 1 Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs - Amazon Best Seller. Roy Miller is a Formulation Planning Expert from Dallas, Texas, USA and a contributing Author in Make Up Not Required - How To Brand the True YOU, as well as Author of the upcoming book Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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