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  • Roy R. Simental, better known as DJ Royski, was born and raised in Southern California.

    DJ Royski’s musical journey began in 1984 when he was recruited for miscellaneous events throughout the Southern California area.

    The aspiring DJ became well known for his sharp mixing style and very innovative track selections. So it wasn’t long before his growing success and popularity landed him jobs in some of the hottest night clubs in the California area.

    Another opportunity presented itself to further his career, which meant a substantial move from California to South Dakota. Since transitioning in 1997, he has had the privilege of being an integral part of “start up” night clubs in the area as well as working in popular established night clubs in Sioux Falls and Minneapolis.

    DJ Royski is well known for his amazing versatility and rande, with a unique depth of knowledge in many musical genres. He can mix everything from Trance, Club-House, Progressive-House, House, Electro, and Deep House.

    His specailty is Progressive-House, Trance, House, and Electro.

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