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DLTP 132 Besser den Vogel auf dem Dach als das Schwein im Keller
1 Stunde 29 Minuten
- Xbox USB Speicher jetzt 32 GB statt 16 per Stick - Humble Bundle 4 Android: Bestimme deinen Preis - Swiss Rail bekommt 21 Mio. $ von Apple für Uhrdesign - Curiosity: Multitouch FarmVille mit esoterischer Musik - Xbox Smart Glass für iOS: Ein Screen...

Über diesen Podcast

I started making podcasts in early '05 but've been recording myself since I was only 5 years old. I'm mostly doing spoken word content and random little recordings which I turn into Talk Snippets, Sound Effects or Audio Notes. My podcasts tend to have a technology and entertainment focus but really anything I come across and find interesting might find its way into one of my episodes. For now I'm doing my German version of Mario's Planet as a proper podcast, with RSS feed and all that, and keep the English content in separate, smaller recordings available for streaming and download but without the RSS powered subscription option. You can, of course, follow me on SoundCloud to get notified of all the new things I upload.

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