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  • Episode 00 - Preview

    Audio Welcome to the Thrillercast!
    Datum:12.02.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 01 - DMC

    Audio DMC talks MTV, meeting Michael at the Grammys and the impact Thriller had on RUN-DMC.
    Datum:26.02.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 02 -

    Audio talks about growing up with MJ, the vast talents of the man and eventually recording with him.
    Datum:27.02.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 03 - Nick Cannon

    Audio Actor/musician Nick Cannon really digs Michael Jackson and Thriller!
    Datum:28.02.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 04 - Shane Sparks

    Audio Choreographer Shane Sparks gives us the dope on Thriller.
    Datum:03.03.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 05 - Imogen Heap

    Audio Imogen Heap shares a most personal Thriller story and more.
    Datum:11.03.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 06 - Omarion

    Audio Omarion chimes in about the Thriller video and Michael's intense performance attitude.
    Datum:17.03.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 07 - Adam Curry

    Audio Former MTV VJ and Podfather, Adam Curry, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Thriller.
    Datum:25.03.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 08 - DJ Spooky

    Audio Turntablist DJ Spooky brings us back to DC where he experienced Thriller for the first time and more.
    Datum:31.03.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 09 - Katharine McPhee

    Audio American Idol finalist and recording star Katharine McPhee reflects on Thriller.
    Datum:08.04.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 10 - Nelson George

    Audio Author, music journalist and filmmaker, Nelson George, reflects on the impact of Michael Jackson and Thriller.
    Datum:20.04.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 11 - Quincy Jones

    Audio Thriller producer Quincy Jones is featured.
    Datum:22.04.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 12 - Vincent Paterson

    Audio Director/Choreographer Vincent Paterson talks about dancing in Beat It and Thriller and working with Michael Peters ...
    Datum:28.04.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 13 - Chris Botti

    Audio Trumpeter Chris Botti praises Thriller.
    Datum:05.05.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 14 - Kirk Franklin

    Audio Kirk Franklin brings us back to the skating rink of his youth and his first memories of Thriller.
    Datum:13.05.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 15 - Mark Goodman

    Audio Former MTV-VJ Mark Goodman tells us what it was like inside the MTV video screening room as Thriller hit and more.
    Datum:19.05.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 16 - Mia Michaels

    Audio Award-winning Choreographer Mia Michaels shares her Thriller story and much more.
    Datum:29.05.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 17 - Larry Hamby

    Audio Larry Hamby managed the Thriller recording sessions for Epic Records. On his Thrillercast, he shares his first hand ...
    Datum:17.06.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 18 - Wade Robson

    Audio Choreographer Wade Robson talks about imitating, performing and meeting Michael.
    Datum:23.06.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 19 - Céu

    Audio The voice of modern Brazil, Céu talks Thriller.
    Datum:07.07.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 20 - Lee Abrams

    Audio Former head of programming at XM Radio Lee Abrams talks Thriller.
    Datum:29.07.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 22 - Q-Tip

    Audio Q-Tip weighs in the celebration with his Thrillercast!
    Datum:03.09.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 21 - Salaam Remi

    Audio Music producer Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Nas, Joss Stone, Sex and the City) shares his impressions of Michael, Qui ...
    Datum:12.09.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 23 - The Electric Boogaloos

    Audio Robot Dane and Poppin' Pete of The Electric Boogaloos, the originators of the dance style popping, talk about workin ...
    Datum:12.09.2008 Wertung:
  • Episode 24 - Herbie Hancock

    Audio Herbie Hancock talks Thriller, Quincy, The Grammys and Michael.
    Datum:24.09.2008 Wertung:

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