National Unity Day Zimbabwe
Bis auf den allerletzten Quadratmeter vollgestopft ist dieser wunderschöne, gewaltige Landschaftspark, überquillend von unsichtbaren Lebewesen. Das ozeanische Schnauben, verschluckt von einer alles absorbierenden, gebieterischen Macht, die vermeindli...
vor 10 Jahren
This road used to carry communication, understanding went up and down to continuously trigger enlightened nods. Now this rigorous barrier blocks any exchange. It is as if the road never was alive. Filed under: audio, english Tagged: communication, ex...
Mugging for Dummies
vor 10 Jahren
“What do you expect, at this time of the month? Nobody will carry large amounts with them, last pay day is long long gone. It’s not only you and me who is broke! If you want to mug people properly, make a plan, do it right, and consider the date in t...
Fauna, Flora, Forschungsmythen Teil 13: Beyond the Rainbow – Regenbogen
A rainbow is the first indicator that shall not be neglected. A rainbow is a serious issue concerning the sky. To avoid permanent sky, weather or climate malfunctioning, please do consult a sky-mechanic within 24 hours after first detecting a rainbow...
Troyeville: Spaza Gallery
A wise hippie’s smile welcomes the adventurers that made it here Once an hour all those present must lissomely bent forward to escape the reckless watch hand Thus the Spaza Gallery thrives just fine it stays an island amidst a running time Filed unde...

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