Revolution. What now? Circle 00004 (r=4) Archiv

Yana Milev - Circle 00004
20 Minuten
Yana Milev is media artist and cultural scientist. She studied stage design, fine arts and cultural theory in Dresden, martial arts in Kyoto and Berlin, cultural philosophy, media theory and anthropology of art in Vienna and Karlsruhe, and cultural s...
Discussion 2 - Circle 00004
36 Minuten
Discussion 1 - Circle 00004
38 Minuten
Lena Gold - Circle 00004
9 Minuten
Lena Gold studied Industrial Design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts from 2006 to 2012. She worked for taliaysebastian in the field of social and human design. Lena’s recycling-performance-project theatre of destruction was shown at the Vienn...
Harald Gruendl - Circle 00004
7 Minuten
Harald Gruendl: Chairman of IDRV and designer (EOOS), moderator of the 4th circle.
Gerhard Senft - Circle 00004
19 Minuten
Gerhard Senft is professor at the Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna University of Economics. He worked as an engineer for several years before he studied economics. His work and Publications are focused on the anarchist movement, free...