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  • Crate Dweller Radio has been a huge success. We decided to drop some free mixes for local friends here to check out. These podcast were pretty much a chance for us to spin whatever we wanted to spin without having to cater to a party, or Hip Hop show or even a BBoy battle. Don't get us wrong, we love rockin' a crowd, but these mixes allowed us to mix music we would never get a chance to other wise.

    Then it turns out folks from all over the world are feeling what we (Crate Dwellers) do. Fans all across the Americas from California to Maine, and Canada down throughout South America. It's amazing how many people from Europe are downloading Crate Dweller Radio, from Finland to France, Ireland to Germany. We even have a few listeners throughout Japan, Thailand and today in Vietnam. Shout out to our listeners in Australia.

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