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Podcast in The Pod

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Podcast In The Pod: Episode 41 – Inside Sneaker Culture, Grails, & More – Special Guest: Matt
This was a good one that was a long time coming. We finally get to talk about sneakers! From our favourite kicks, the culture, raffles, and so much more! It was an interesting discussion because all three of us have different perspectives and positio...
Podcast In The Pod: Episode 40: Remembering Kobe Bryant – Special Guest: Will Bello
This was a tough one. We recorded this a week after Kobe Bryant’s passing and wanted to share with you our thoughts on this, what Kobe meant to us and the impact it has. This was a deep and somber episode for sure, but really opened up a different pe...
Podcast In The Pod: Episode 39 – Harry & Meghan, Australian Wildfires, Snowstorms, and more
Welcome back! I know it’s been a while but finally releasing some new episodes! This was shot in January but we definitely wanted to share with you this episode as it is still relevant. For this episode, we tried a different approach and tried to tal...
Podcast In The Pod: Episode 38 – Stupidest Ways We Got Injured, New Year Resolutions & More!
We couldn’t let you finish off the year without the last episode we recorded in 2019! Take a listen below for a short but funny episode! Sparkle recently came across an article (maybe this one) where Millenials are experiencing carpal tunnel already,...
Podcast In The Pod: Episode 37 – If You Could Only Wear One Brand For The Rest of Your Life; What is it?, What’s a Hypebeast/HypeBae? & More – Special Guest: Irene
This was the first time in a little while that we recorded an episode but it was a good one! Inspired by Irene’s recent purchases we decided to invite her onto the podcast because that got us thinking about what brand we would wear for the rest of ou...

Über diesen Podcast

The story behind Podcast in The Pod is simple. These co-workers (and special guests) having deep, hilarious and heated conversations within one pod (work station) making working on Saturdays much more enjoyable as we (ourselves and other co-workers) all look forward to it! The three of us have talked, or better yet argued, about almost everything. It was to the point where we jokingly called this a podcast since our conversations lasted for a while but it was a shame that no one was recording it. The little buzz and excitement gained from our other co-workers led to us finally having these conversations recorded!

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