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131. Of Them and Us
9 Minuten
After quite a while we throw another glimpse at the work of Prof Stephen Reicher, researcher of group behaviour at the University of St. Andrews. Roger continues to explain the key aspects illustrating them with Donald Trump's methods and success a...
130. Of tweeting opinion
7 Minuten
Roger is back in the studio to tackle the topic of Donald Trump's use of twitter together with RoPeCast technician Chris. Roger presents some interesting studies and analyses that show how Trump's usage of the social internet platform has evolved ove...
129. Of Tremendous Trump and Opportunity Obama
8 Minuten
These days it seems everybody is talking about the impeachment process and party politics in the US. We are taking a big step back to look differently at the picture and approach two American presidents from an entirely different angle. Roger has r...
128. Of different perspectives on cultures
9 Minuten
Ginny is back in the studio, but this time with Peter. He's presenting his personal take on the differences between German or European and US culture to her. Their views on things turn out to be rather contrary, particularly when it comes to boundar...
127. A journey to the centre of the universe
7 Minuten
Why not join Roger and his colleague Ginny on a journey to the centre of the universe? Ginny shares her impressions of what it's like when you first come to China as a westerner, when English eventually fails as lingua franca and so does standard Ch...

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