6 Minute English

6 Minute English


What’s the key to happiness?
Hear about what small things you can do to feel happier about life.
Looking for utopia
Rob and Georgina talk about how to create a happy place.
Covid: One year on
Over a year on since the first outbreak, what have we learnt? We talk about the pandemic.
Singing in tune
Neil and Georgina discuss singing and teach you related vocabulary along the way.
Working for yourself
Rob and Georgina talk about the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

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Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.

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Helena Graf (Gast) : vor 10 Jahren
2012-06-28 I agree to what has been said above. I am glad as well, that learners have a good possibility to hear and to read at the same time. But now, please, accept my negative comment: Helena Graf Dream apps - 6 minute English Chris and Rosie discuss an exciting new phone application that can help influence our dreams. - I appreciate nearly all your 6 minute english emissions. But this one has given me the idea to protest against the roles of Chris and Rosie. He, the man, is very well informed, is ready to explain things in a serious way and so on, an agreeable person. And who is Rosie? Her behaviour is so much laughable, ridiculous that I cannot believe an english women of the 21th century can make such a fool of herself. Her emotions are so exaggerated, so suitable to negativ jugements about women, so proper to give men the right to say: look at this person, she has a really little brain. Yes, she is a woman. Women are like that!! The BBC tries to exprime their sexisme in such a covered way, in such a hidden manner, that I cannot retain my indignation. - I know, you want to say now: it's only to introduce a certain vocabulary, i.e. "hold your horses", "calm down" etc. etc. Please be honest: would you ever have given the role to a masculine speaker? Would you have made of him such a silly and singing person (Oh noh! up and down, her manner to pronounce her phrases!) this is not a normal manner of speaking! A man would never had accepted to take this role, to speak these imbecile phrases and to show himself “fired up” like this! - Your sexisme becomes clear in several other "6 m. lessons", but here it has reached a summet. - Already the old teacher of other times (2010) in his titel: “Bridezilla” has been as well sexiste. He gives such a description, where all women had been made ridiculous. And so on and so on. - Please try to "hold your horses" and be a little bit less sexiste. – Chris, what is your answer to my observation? I hope you will receive my “letter”. Thank you. Helena Graf
admin : vor 10 Jahren
@Nadia: Ja, die Inhalte sind alle kostenlos hier. Siehe FAQ.
Nadia (Gast) : vor 10 Jahren
hallo an alle, das hört sich alles sehr verlockend an und sehr schön, aber ist es den alles kostenlos ?? es wäre nett wenn mir jemand die frage beantwoten könnte :D danke im voraus
Lewis (Gast) : vor 11 Jahren
Hi Alex. Da hast du definitiv Recht. Die Podcasts sind einfach genial und die Texte zu jedem Podcast sind doch erhältlich und super leicht aufzetreiben. Die Texte findest Du auf der BBC learning English Seite mit dem jeweiligen mp3 zusammen zu runterladen. Hier der Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/general/sixminute/2011/09/110908_6min_english_swimming.shtml Viel spaß!
Alex (Gast) : vor 11 Jahren
Ich finde den Podcast "6 Minuten English" echt klasse! Themenauswahl, das Sprechtempo - alles stimmt. Nur ein großer Nachteil: Man kann nicht danach lesen, was in dem Podcast gesprochen wurde, um neue Wörter bzw. Satzstrukturen zu lernen. Es wäre unglaublich hilfsreich, wenn es alles, was gesprochen wurde, als Texte zu lesen gebe.