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  • Luke realized early on how music shapes emotion and emotion shapes music. Being aware of the continuous nonverbal exchange occurring between the DJ and the audience, he avidly seeks out music that has great energy from start to finish and that will tap into the emotions of the audience. Aware of both the lyrical as well as the musical content of his music, DJ Luke Allen brings this emotion to the dance floor. It is best explained that Luke doesn’t just hear music, but feels it.
    Luke pays careful attention to his song selection and flow, creating a tailor made set for each individual performance. Variety being the key to his trademark style, DJ Luke Allen believes in tapping into all musical genres to make a complete journey; constantly moving his listener along with subtle forward motion. Within the journey the audience can expect to hear selections that reflect House, Progressive, Trance, Tribal, Pop, Hip Hop, and Latin; all catering to the mood that both the DJ and the audience create.
    Holding dual weekly residencies in the 2nd largest metropolitan area of the US and guest DJing in key markets and venues across the country; Luke stands ready to share his vision with the world.

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