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Project A Podcast

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42 answers: Anna Alex from Planetly | PAP#136
36 Minuten
In our latest episode, Anna Alex, Co-Founder of Planetly, a leading climate tech company helping businesses to achieve their net zero targets, opens up about what it’s like building a for-profit climate tech company. In the conversation with Ra...
The journey from 0 to 1 billion: Meet Project A Fund IV | PAP#135
46 Minuten
Project A just raised its 375m USD fourth fund to continue investing in early-stage European tech companies. With 1 billion USD assets under management now, it's time to talk more about what we like to invest in, our operational model and what'...
42 answers: Hans Scheffer from Helloprint | PAP#134
46 Minuten
In our new episode, Hans Scheffer, CEO & Founder of Helloprint, the #1 marketplace for customised print products in Europe, shares his enthusiasm for company culture. Hans explains to Rainer Berak, Operating Partner at Project A, why he believe...
42 answers: Sophie Chung from Qunomedical | PAP#133
38 Minuten
In our latest episode, Sophie Chung, CEO & Founder of Qunomedical, a digital health platform making healthcare accessible and effortless worldwide, deep dives into why she believes that data is the basis of success. Together with Rainer Berak, Operat...
Scaling your organisation successfully: Learnings from Zalando, N26, and Uber | PAP#132
39 Minuten
In our new episode, Anna Brandt, Founder of Invested and Global Talent Leader, shares her learnings from scaling ventures from seed through hypergrowth. With 15+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition at Zalando, N26, and Uber, Anna brings a...

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Project A is a European venture capital investor. With €500m under management, the company focuses on early-stage startups. In addition to capital, Project A provides its portfolio companies operational support from over 100 experts across the startup building stack. The Project A Podcast is the place to go for entrepreneurs and founders looking for expert advice and actionable tips to take their startup to the next level. We know it can be a long, difficult journey. Challenges are infinite and resources limited. In this podcast, you’ll learn from our experience as an Operational VC working with dozens of startups and find the inspiration you need to get going. Featuring our in-house Marketing, BI, and Organizational Building experts, as well as fellow founders from our broad portfolio of companies, we give you valuable insights on what it takes to build a successful company.

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