Bjoern Thomas Photographer

Bjoern Thomas Photographer

Art is creation trough imagination


First Artist in Space
The ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART campaign is the worldwide first art event in space. You might ask yourself what is the link between art and space? Space and the dream to find a second earth in the universe always carried a tremendous fascination for peop...
vor 7 Jahren
3D Gallery
vor 7 Jahren
Virtual Tour
The Last Supper
vor 8 Jahren
Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me, one who is eating with me. Matthew 2621
Rhythm of colors
vor 8 Jahren
Creative Director and Concept Photography Bjoern Thomas

Über diesen Podcast

Photographer Bjoern Thomas, is set to conquer the art scene. With his unique and fresh visual ideas, Bjoern has a touch of sensuality that delivers an unexpected kind of independent fearlessness. His recent Work has been published in major magazines in Germany and he has just received tender inquiries for projects in Los Angeles. This itunes channel is intended to broadcast exiting visual projects Bjoern will be involved in.

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