Audio TWILIGHT Interview 2 (English): KRISTEN STEWART

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Hello! This is the second of three TWILIGHT interviews: interview 2 - Kristen Stewart. The Interviews are all in English. They are neither telephone interviews nor they are "directors cuts". These interviews are simply uncut but still a joy. ;) You can hear the answers of the celebrities. The questions of this interview with Kristen are below: 1. Did you know the books before shooting? 2. What were your first feelings and thoughts when you read the book. 3. What do you feel when people say you are the next big star? 4. Did or do you feel any pressure? 5. But now you are the FACE of Bella. In what way does it have influence over you and your private life? 6. Are you a little bit nervous of tomorrow when you will meet the German fans? I think they will going crazy when they see you. 7. What do you think the fans will expect from you? 8. Are you looking forward to shooting the three other films? 9. Have you ever had any doubts to shoot Twilight? 10. Do you think it is difficult for a young actor to have such a huge success with such a famous character in consideration of other roles in the future? 11. Is Natalie Portman a kind of idol or a role model for you? 12. What do you think, it is difficult for young actors with such huge success to stay down-to-earth? 13. So it is a very creative and fulfilling job for you? You love the job, not the glamour? 14. Like what? 15. Is it right when people say filming this movie will help you to do what you want to do? 16. When you not work what do you do to relax? Is that true that you are a surfer girl? 17. So now we know why you don’t like interviews... 18. Are you afraid when you think of that in some ywars people could still say to you that you were great in Twilight? 19. How does it feel when you saw you on a big screen the first time? 20. Did you do all the stunts?
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