Audio Kein schoenes Land [red&restless-mix]

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Kein schoenes Land [red&restless-mix]

this isa trck that implies a political statement: the song says: politicians, the poor people need more money, please come to poor areas in Germany - families have to suffer, some mothers can´t afford to give food to their babies - can that be a good land, where the rich gettin richer and the poor poorer? No FDP and for sure no CDU and CSU [16 years of lies]will make a change. We do not want socialist state, we want a fair one, we want REAL DEMOCRACY and a OPEN SOURCE FINACIAL SYSTEM, even if some people never will agree with that, but we hope that people understand that a truly free land has to fight for its freedom - it´s really hard to built up a free land, but it is very easy to desroy it - we are afraid of Merkel and her comrade Stoiber, cause they want to turn this country into a truly unfree society, this is what this song is talkin about, the melody is a very old German folk-song called "Kein schöner Land" translated "There´s no land that´s more beautiful" . Turtledad made "Kein schöner Land" out of it which means "No beautiful land by now"
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