Xpanceo: How smart contact lenses will give people superpowers

Xpanceo: How smart contact lenses will give people superpowers

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Smart glasses are already a thing of the present, but what about
smart contact lenses? Not many companies are exploring this
futuristic technology, but one of them is Xpanceo, a firm seated
in Dubai. 

According to them, smart contact lenses could give people literal
superpowers such as night vision and a zoom. In our podcast, we
speak to Valentyn Volkov, the co-founder of Xpanceo, about:

- How the company was formed and why it moved to Dubai

- Why Xpanceo decided to get into smart contact lenses

- What smart contact lenses can do and what they are made of

- The progress that the company has reached so far in development

- A recent funding the startup received

- How long it will take for the first prototype

- The future potential of smart lenses

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